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The book is now available for schools to order, to place an order, please fill out this order form and return to stephen.oliver@wjec.co.uk Unleash your learners` potential with an impressive selection of FREE digital resources, teaching materials and teaching materials. The WJEC website contains a number of excellent resources that can be used effectively as stand-alone instruction or integrated into a wider curriculum – Gavin Browning, Connah`s Quay High School. Learners will be introduced to the dynamic business environment and the importance of entrepreneurial activities in creating business opportunities and sustaining business growth. The aim of our AS/A level business specification is to foster enthusiasm for the study of economics in contemporary contexts so that learners can develop an appreciation of the strategic, complex and interconnected nature of business problems from a local to global perspective. These free digital resources support the teaching and learning of subjects offered by WJEC. Teachers need to determine how to use classroom resources to have the greatest impact. If you have feedback on any of the resources or have special requirements, please contact us. Our dedicated team of subject matter experts and web developers create digital resources to support the teaching and learning of WJEC Eduqas qualifications regulated by Ofqual. These free resources are designed to support the specifications, and teachers need to figure out how to use the classroom resources to make the greatest impact. The resource includes PDFs and is complemented by a number of interactive digital resources that can be used as a driving force for teaching. Visit our Eduqas Resources website for the full range of teaching and learning materials specifically designed to support your qualification. A range of resources to support the teaching of reformed A-levels from 2015.

This topic discusses business opportunities. A Level Business Book: Year 2 – Strategy, Analysis and the Changing World An impressive selection of materials, clearly developed by practising teachers, designed to make students think – Simon Harrison, D`Overbroecks College, Oxford. We have set up an official business network on Facebook where teachers can share ideas and best practices. A database of examples of knowledge organizers to support the learning of A Level Business – Unit 4 Business in a Changing World. AS Business Book: Year 1 – Opportunities and Functions. These can be used for review or as a starting point to create your own knowledge organizers. Don`t see what you want? Are there any problems with the files? Do you have a suggestion? Please give us feedback, we welcome all correspondence from our users. Online and personal – Reserve your spot in the “Training” tab below! Welcome to the WJEC online exam review website. Here you will find a collection of interactive units that bring together a number of elements, including general data, exam questions, their scoring systems, and feedback from examiners that guide you through the review of exam questions. Check out the rating systems available for AS/A companies. Grading limits are the minimum number of points required to achieve each grade.

OER is a free interactive teaching and learning tool that includes exam answers and examiner feedback.